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Welcome to the official website of Suzanne O'Malley

SUZANNE O'MALLEY is the Edgar-nominated investigative reporter and author of "Are You There Alone?"

She writes humorous monthly commentary on the habits of the very rich for AVENUE Magazine where she is Editor-at-Large. She is past Associate Director of Yale University's Summer Film Institute, is a Poynter Grant recipient for her work in documentary film, and a past Board member of the Writers' Guild of America.

As a screenwriter, she has written for Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit and Law & Order :UK.

She has developed and written scripts and other properties purchased or optioned by: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); Comedy Central; Columbia Pictures Home Box Office; E! News; First Run Features; Fox Television; Hearst Entertainment; Home Box Office; MS-NBC; National Broadcasting Corporation(NBC); Warner Bros. Pictures; Universal Studios; USA Television Network; and Vivendi Universal Entertainment, among others.

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(Now O'Malley Calm Down) is our Backpage column by Editor-at-Large Suzanne O'Malley who was still wearing white knee-socks when she first came to New York as the winner of a Bobbie Brooks national fashion board scholarship. She went on to become a Senior Editor at Esquire and appeared on the cover of *New York Magazine* in 1983 when it excerpted a bestseller she co-authored *How to Avoid Love & Marriage: guaranteed to ruin any deep romantic relationship or your money back.* O'Malley has further distinguished herself as an on-air personality, screenwriter (*Law & Order*) producer, Edgar Award-nominated book author (*Are You There Alone:? The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates*) and lecturer at Yale University. --Michael Gross, Editor-in-Chief AVEUNE MAGAZINE.

The Yale Writers' & Screenwriters' Conference 2018 with Suzanne O'Malley MasterClass Screenwriting Program [June 4-June 14, 2018] Apply beginning Jan. 1, 2018

An intensive ten-day program intended for committed writers at all levels of experience. The Screenwriting Program will address adaptation to screen, story, plot, dialogue, as well as form and format.

Enrollment limited.

Email: omalleyink@gmail.com

Phone: 917.453.0005

In The Hamptons

Suzanne O'Malley makes an appearance in Dan Rattiner's memoir In the Hamptons: My Fifty Years with Farmers, Fishermeen, Artists, Billionaires, and Celebrities with a Foreword by Edward Albee

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How to Avoid Love & Marriage: Guaranteed to Ruin Any Deep Romantic Relationship or Your Money Back

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