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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book a public engagement with Suzanne O'Malley?
Please go to the contact section.

2. What are the topics on which Suzanne O'Malley ordinarily lectures?
A Life in the Public Humanities
When Fact & Fiction Meet in a Real-Life Court of Law
How to Write a Television Script
How to Write a Screenplay
Women's Mental Health: The Andrea Yates Case
Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion
Television & Crime
Evolution of Television Sitcom

3. When is Suzanne O'Malley available to appear as a guest or news analyst on my television show?
Please go to the contact section.

4. Where can I buy books by Suzanne O'Malley?
Books by Suzanne O'Malley are available at book stores and at amazon.com.

5. How can I view Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion?
The DVD of Unborn in the USA may be purchased at FirstRunFeatures.com. It is also available on Netflix.

6. Which episodes of Law & Order did Suzanne O'Malley write?
See the Law and Order section or the IMDb entry for Suzanne O'Malley.

7. How can I view an episode of Law & Order that Ms. O'Malley wrote?
Please go to the Law and Order section.

8. Can Suzanne O'Malley give me personal feedback and recommendations on my book, script, play, documentary, feature film, podcast, blog?
Please go to the contact section.

9. How can I study with Suzanne O'Malley?
Ms. O'Malley gives 2-day seminars on "Writing Hour-long Dramatic Television" in New York, New Haven, Houston, Dallas, Austin, London and Beijing. She also consults on a private or semi-private basis. Please go to the contact section to inquire about the next seminar in your area.
You may also enroll in Ms. O'Malley's 5-week long summer seminars at Yale Summer Film Institute. The courses are given in June and July of each year "Television and Crime" and "History of Television Sitcom" and Yale Summer Sessions. You need not be current Yale student or college graduate to enroll, but you must apply and be accepted.
Ms. O'Malley offers "Writing Hour-Long Dramatic Television" to Yale college students during some academic years.

10. Does Suzanne O'Malley autograph copies of her book Are You There Alone?
Yes, please send the book, along with a SASE, to Yale Film Studies Program, Yale University, 53 Wall Street, Room 217, P.O. Box 208363 Haven, CT 06520-8363. Please enclose a note with the name of the person you'd like the book inscribed to and your email or phone number. Please allow several weeks for your book to be signed and mailed back to you. We try to accommodate requests for special occasions, but Ms. O'Malley is sometimes out of the office for weeks at a time.

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