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Television Show Episodes Written by Suzanne O'Malley
Law & Order: Girlfriends
After a college co-ed's body is found, the detectives look for a campus rapist, but the medical examiner's report puts them on a different path, one involving prostitution.See All
Law & Order: Rebels
Briscoe and Curtis have a hard time finding cooperative witnesses when investigating the murder of a college student at a rough biker bar. See All
Law & Order: Privileged
The investigation into a double murder leads to a young alcoholic whose family once lived in the victims' house and who had admitted to his AA group that he's had nightmares about killings. See All
New York Undercover: Andre's Choice
A fight promoter's death leads to a case involving blackmail, murder, and an ex-con whom Williams has helped. Feat. Mary J. Blige.