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"Stunning for its depth, its persistence, and its compassion. Are You There Alone? comes remarkably close to explaining the forces that resulted in an all-but-inexplicable crime. It's a spellbinding read."
- John Berendt, Author, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil & The City of Falling Angels

"This book is being compared to Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and to Norman Mailer's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Executioner's Song."
- Liz Smith, The New York Post

"This riveting book puts a human face on a larger social issue. What happens when the violent actions of an improperly medicated mentally ill person intersect with the legal system? Who bears the responsibility?"
- USA Today

"Are You There Alone? spotlights one adverse circumstance after the next . . . Add to this mix a preposterous series of medical misdiagnoses and wrong medications, and the Yates family was just plain doomed."
- New York Times Book Review

"Suzanne O'Malley has begun the talk-show circuit. Yesterday on the Early Show and this morning on the Today Show with Katie Couric."
- PW Daily

"Are You There Alone?" demonstrates the paucity of our medical knowledge on childbirth associated mental illness. Accordingly, it is an uncommon but excellent teaching tool."
- Journal of the American Medical Association

"Andrea Yates owes her life to a writer from Law & Order."
- Richard Johnson, Page Six, The New York Post

In the tradition of In Cold Blood, The Executioner's Song, and A Civil Action, Suzanne O'Malley exposes the human mystery of the most horrifying crime in recent history and the legal drama surrounding it.

As a journalist, Suzanne O'Malley began covering the murders of Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates hours after their mother, Andrea Yates, drowned them in their suburban Houston home in June 2001. Over twenty-four months, O'Malley interviewed or witnessed the sworn testimony of more than a hundred participants in this drama, including Yates herself; her husband, Rusty Yates; their families; attorneys; the personnel of the Harris County district attorney's and sheriff's offices; medical staff; friends; acquaintances; and expert witnesses.

O'Malley argues persuasively that under less extraordinary circumstances, a mentally ill woman would have been quietly offered a plea bargain and sent to an institution under court supervision. But on March 12, 2002, Andrea Yates was found guilty of the murders of three of her five children. She is currently serving a life sentence and will not be eligible for parole until 2041.

O'Malley's exclusive personal communications with Andrea Yates and her interviews with Rusty Yates allow her to offer fully realized portrayals of people at the center of this horrifying case.

In Are You There Alone? O'Malley makes a critical contribution to our understanding of mental health issues within the criminal justice system.

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